The list below is a guide on who should be contacted in each of the following situations

  • General and/or Policy Questions

Email your FPO, copying your NOL and  

  • SPARQ and/or IT Questions

Email SCSEP Help at

  • To submit Grant Documents and Quarterly Narrative Reports

Email, copying your FPO

  • To submit State Plans

Email, copying your FPO

  • To submit Training Requests

Email your FPO any training requests you have. Your FPO will work with the National Office staff to address your training needs.

  • To Submit Contact and/or Address Changes

Email your FPO, copying your NOL. Please note that the Signatory and Address Changes require a formal modification change.


If you are unsure who to contact, reach out to your NOL for guidance.


  • Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (ETA) 

  • Grants Application and Management Collection  

  • Training and Employment Guidance Letters (TEGL)

  • SPARQ (SCSEP Performance and Results QPR Systems)

  • SCSEPED (Authorized positions and enrollment information)